The 3 characteristics required for higher level health

     Of all the individuals I have worked with in my transformational healing practice who had depression, anxiety, fatigue, pain issues, autoimmune disease, infertility, or any physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual issue that kept them stuck and diminished their quality of life…the ones who transformed their life and their health had three qualities in common.


     The people who transformed all had a willingness to consider a different way of viewing their issues.  A willingness to try on a new perspective.  And a willingness to do the “homework” that I suggested and continue working on their issues in between appointments.    


     These individuals all possessed courage.  Transforming your life and your health is not an easy process.  There are natural ups and downs inherent to the process of healing that can be discouraging.  You may lose your faith and fall into self-doubt.  But if you have courage, you will find your way back to your path in life. 

A Belief in the Divine

     Most of all, the people who have transformed and found peace and joy have each had a spiritual orientation.  They believed in a higher power, in God, or in a divine presence that exists in the universe that can be found in nature and within everyone if you look closely enough.  It is this belief that becomes their lifeline through the transformational process.    


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