7 tips for when life feels like its going backwards


           Lately it seems every issue I've ever had and thought was resolved has been in my face -- old negative beliefs about not being good enough, old fears and physical issues. I recognize this as the spiral aspect of the healing process, a pattern that can make you feel like you are regressing instead of progressing.  But rather than going backwards, this spiral pattern is actually a process of healing a deeper level of old issues.  This effect has lately been enhanced by Mercury in retrograde.

           Several times a  year for about 3 weeks at a time, the planet Mercury appears to move backwards in the night sky. This time period is marked by communication snafus, delays and cancellations, and machinery such as cars and computers breaking down.  Whenever these occurrences start cropping up in my life I will check the calendar, and sure enough -- its mercury retrograde.  We are currently in retrograde until March 17, 2013. 

         It may seem that being in Mercury retrograde only makes this spiral aspect of the healing process worse --but it actually increases opportunities for healing if we take the time to backtrack, reconsider, reconnect, and work with those old wounds.  You can maximize healing at this time by:

     1. Treating yourself with kindness, compassion, and respect

     2. Deep breathing for 10 minutes at a time 3X a day, aiming for a count of  "In-2-3-4, out-2-3-4"

     3. Allowing whatever emotion you are feeling to fully express as you deep breathe, whether that is grief, anger, or fear

     4. Moving by taking a walk or a movement art like Tai Chi

     5. Drinking plenty of water and eating more raw food

     6. Getting enough rest and sleep

      7. Writing about how you are feeling in your journal, or talking to a friend

     For more information on working with your natural healing patterns, see "The Other Medicine...That Really Works: How Energy Medicine Can Help You Heal In Body, Mind, and Spirit."


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