How to Heal: Messages in Nature

      Walking in the woods this morning, my attention was drawn to the sun shining on this frozen puddle of water at the base of two trees.  It almost looked like a heart at its center. As a child growing up in Minnesota, walking to the bus stop each morning I loved the sound of breaking glass as I stepped on the ice that had formed across these puddles overnight.  It was such a delightful way to break something without consequences!  So of course I couldn't resist stepping on this ice as well. 

     Lately I've been feeling like this ice -- frozen.  Life is like a pebble dropped in a pond -- our actions have a ripple effect going out in every direction.  But my difficulty taking action lately has made me feel stuck and frozen in place.  However, I know its only temporary, just as the ice over this puddle will eventually melt and change its form.

     Everything is made of energy, and energy is by its nature is impermanent.  No matter what issues you are dealing with, even if it's an issue you've had your whole life, it can change on a dime.  And even when things seem frozen, there is always movement happening, like the water flowing through this ice dome (video I made in my backyard). 

     Once I broke the ice, the creative juices started flowing.  I began mentally writing this blog post along with other creative ideas for taking action in my life.

     What draws your attention in nature?  Take a walk outside and see what message there is for you.

     And if you haven't already, be sure to get your free energy medicine kit -- my gift to you!


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