The endless blessings of my health issues

            Its day 29 of National Health Blog Post Month and my writing prompt it: “Unexpected blessing of your health condition.”  At first, the blessings I received from my health issues were indeed unexpected.  But now I totally expect it.  Because the blessing of health issues is healing.

            I think this excerpt from “The Other Medicine...That Really Works: How Energy Medicine Can Help You Heal In Body, Mind, and Spirit” says it all:

            When I began my path into healing, the most I hoped for would be to “overcome” infertility and other health issues. While my health issues and infertility did resolve, the journey would be so much more; taking me to deeper places within that I didn’t know existed and becoming the opportunity to heal my whole being. When I fully accepted myself, and the layers of garbage that I carried began to clear, my inner light was revealed.

            Through the traumas of my life I was given an almost unimaginable gift – the opportunity to heal to the core. And from that core, the changes rippled out through every aspect of my life. Coming into the light transformed my health, career, relationships, and belief systems; including a new understanding of healing beyond the biomechanical level I was taught.

Those ripples of blessings have extended out to everyone connected to me…to my husband and children, my clients, my readers…   And those blessings just keep on coming in an amazing endless process that is the healing way of life. 


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