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You, Me, and my DuPree knee

Books Make Great Gifts!

     Looking for gift ideas?  How about a book?  Books are affordable, they provide hours and hours of entertainment, information, and inspiration.  And you don't have to worry about getting the wrong size!

     The gift of health.... 

     Is there someone on your gift list who is struggling with physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual health issues?  Do you know someone who has been unable to get relief through mainstream healthcare measures and could use some hope?  Then "The Other Medicine That Really Works: How Energy Medicine Can Help You Heal In Body, Mind, and Spirit" could be the perfect gift for them!  Winner of 7 national and international book awards, The Other Medicine demystifies how the body, mind, and health really works.  Through many touching true-life stories of healing, the reader is uplifted, informed, and empowered. 

     The gift of inspiration...

     Is there someone on your gift list who could use some inspiration?  Tales2Inspire, Beyond Coincidence, The Emerald Collection is an anthology of  short stories that are sure to inspire!  Every story was an award-winner in the tales2inspire writing contest and is a true story that will enrich, empower, and awaken.  It includes my story "Garden of Miracles"--  a real Christmas story where a lost dog connects two families in a way that is almost beyond belief.   

     Both books can be found on amazon by clicking on the book titles.  Enjoy!

Cracking open from the inside

As I was walking through the woods this weekend, the exposed trunks of trees that had been cut down caught my eye.  They had a distinctive pattern of cracking from the inside that has some strong symbolism.

Twenty years ago, my life cracked open from the inside.  Everything that I thought I was, everything that I believed about myself was false, built on the illusion that I was a victim and unworthy of love and acceptance.  That cracking apart led to an amazing journey on the outside, where my career evolved from clinical nurse to energy healing therapist -- which led to, on January 1st of this year, becoming a published author.  In the award-winning book The Other Medicine That Really Works: How Energy Medicine Works in Body, Mind, and Spirit, I wrote about this internal journey and shared all that I had learned to assist the reader on their own transformational path.

Recently, I feel like my life is cracking apart from the inside once again.  This time the illusion that is cracking apart is the belief that I am a shy, reclusive person, incapable of a public life, incompatible with sharing the message of the book on a wider scale.  Its a painful, emotional process that I'm in the middle of.  Writing about the insights I am gaining on this internal journey to higher level health for another book helps me stay in my higher self. 

How about you?  Are you experiencing a cracking from the inside in your life?  This can be in the form of a health crisis, relationship crisis, career crisis, losses, heartbreak, etc.  Although it may seem like the cracking apart is happening on the outside, the real journey is internal.  It can be easy to lose the higher perspective when you are in the middle of it.  This blog is a resource for you, full of posts that will help guide you if you are feeling lost. 

Healing With the Labyrinth part 2

In part 1 of this blog post, we learned about the amazing properties of a labyrinth that can initiate a healing response.  Now let's focus on the experience of walking a labyrinth.

The Experience

The labyrinth is a tool for expanding the spirit, focusing the mind, and transforming and improving our health and sense of well-being. A person's energy field can expand two to three times its usual size after a walk through the labyrinth, and with it comes a feeling of being centered, balanced, whole, alive and one with the universe. The labyrinth helps us to be in the moment and remember who we are and why we are here.

The labyrinth encourages us to slow down and come to our center. The walk to the center is a metaphor for going to your own center. Following the path occupies your logical left brain, freeing your intuitive and creative right brain. It relaxes the mind and is a tool for connecting with the divine within ourselves. In our fast-paced and stressful society, entering the labyrinth is a simple way to allow one to disconnect from the outside world and go within. From chaos, order is restored and balance achieved. In this balanced state, the body can heal itself. The seven-circuit labyrinth is an especially powerful tool for balancing the seven major chakras. Seven is also found in the patterns of nature.

Earth Effects

The labyrinth organizes energy in a way that is useful to us. The ancients discovered that building labyrinths affected drainage and weather patterns, and drew underground water to the area beneath the labyrinth. As people walk the labyrinth, the energy at the site is increased and a sacred site is formed. The focused attention people have while walking a labyrinth feeds the earth.

How to Walk A Labyrinth

There is no wrong or right way to walk a labyrinth, and every experience of walking the labyrinth can be a different one. Before entering, take a moment and focus on what you would like to gain from walking the labyrinth. This can take the form of a question or a problem you would like to solve. Silence should be observed and cell phones turned off. Be open to any release or enlightenment that may occur.

Start at the entrance and follow the path at your own pace, and without rushing. At the center, you may want to take a moment to meditate. When you feel ready, follow the path back to the entrance. You may want to take a moment after walking the labyrinth to reflect on your experience or to journal any insights you gain.

A few weeks ago during a trip to Florida for a book awards banquet, I drew a labyrinth in the sand on the beach with a stick.  Before I walked it, I focused on some concerns I had at the time and asked for assistance in resolving them. 

Right after I finished walking the labyrinth, I turned to see a pigeon walking into the labyrinth entrance and snapped the picture you see above.  When I looked up the message of pigeon, it was exactly what I needed to hear and perfect advice for the difficulties I was experiencing.  Over the next week, other illuminating insights came to me.  The labyrinth is indeed a powerful healing tool! 

Healing With the Labyrinth part 1

     On a recent trip to Daytona Beach, Florida, I took advantage of the opportunity to draw a 7-circuit labyrinth in the sand.  Its the quickest and easiest way to construct a labyrinth and walk it's path.

What is a Labyrinth?

     There are many different types of labyrinths. The first labyrinths appeared over three thousand years ago on coins and pottery, and carved into rock faces, then on the ground and finally in churches and cathedrals. The seven-circuit labyrinth is the most common type and is found in all cultures and in all time periods. A labyrinth is perfectly balanced with an equal number of right and left turns -- in this case, seven. Unlike a maze, there is only one entrance, only one way to the center, and no dead ends.

Amazing Patterns

     Within the labyrinth is sacred geometry and many different patterns, relationships, and proportions found in nature and life. One of the many patterns found in labyrinths is the meandering pattern, found in the flow of water and throughout nature in such varied forms as the pattern of lightening and the pattern sutures form between the cranial bones. In the flow of water, this pattern slows down the flow for the support of life and is associated with the filtering and oxygenation of water. Water that flows too quickly creates erosion; too slowly creates stagnation. Walking the labyrinth slows down our rhythms and aligns us with this meandering pattern.

     The labyrinth also contains the Golden Mean - a rule of proportions found in nature that guides the growth of any organism. The Golden Mean can be found in shells, plants and flowers, animals and humans down to the cellular level. These patterns represent nature's design for efficiency and simplicity. The labyrinth invites us to move and align ourselves with these basic patterns that create and sustain life and vitalize us. This simplicity is experienced on a kinesthetic level.

     In part 2 of this blog post, I will share more about the healing experience of walking a labyrinth.

Messages from the future

     When I was going through year after year of unsuccessful infertility treatment, I often wished that my future self could tell me the outcome.  If I could have known that everything would ultimately work out, I could have let go and trusted.

     When things don't happen in the timetable we expect, we can lose faith that it will ever happen. We fear that our efforts are in vain, or that we are being punished.  We may feel betrayed by our bodies, the world, or God.  And if only we could receive some reassurance, we could trust and surrender. 

     If you could get a reassuring letter from your future self, what would it look like? 

     Mine would look something like this:

       I know that you have lost faith, but I’m asking you to trust.  Trust that no matter what, you will be happy.  Trust that this time has not been wasted.  Trust that there are no mistakes.  And trust that all the hard work you have done has planted the seeds that will grow and transform your life. 

     What would yours look like?  If you had the ability to send a message to your past self, or to your current self from the future, what would you say?  What message would you want to deliver?  What message do you need to hear? 

     When we use our imagination in this way, we actually tap into our intuition.  We ALL have this ability, and the more we use it, the more it develops.  Trust that whatever message comes to you is intuitively right.  Give yourself this gift -- a loving message from your intuitive self.   


My strength is my weakness and my weakness is my strength

One of my greatest strengths is ironically also my greatest weakness.  Most people would call this trait stubbornness, but I prefer to call it tenacity.  Once I set my mind to something, I will persevere no matter what - moving heaven and earth in the process.  This has served me well in getting to the bottom of my own health issues, and to carry on through sixteen years of on-and-off infertility treatment.  It has also made it possible to complete long difficult projects like earning a doctorate degree and writing the award-winning The Other Medicine That Really Works. 

But this tenacity has also been my greatest weakness.  I have trouble letting go of something, especially when I’ve put so much time and effort into it. My military-like attitude of “failure is not an option” can block solutions and keep me stuck in difficult situations for long periods of time. 

Now that I’m older and wiser, I know there are no failures, just as there are no mistakes. There are only growth opportunities.  I’ve learned to trust that if something is not working, a solution will present if I loosen my grasp on it.  I’ve learned that letting go does not mean giving up. 

Letting go and deciding not to publish my first book, a memoir, after two years of effort -- was devastating. But what I learned from the experience was priceless.   And that defunct project became a goldmine for stories to pull from that I used in “The Other Medicine That Really Works” as well as the next book I am writing.

How about you?  Could your weakness also be considered your strength?


The 3 characteristics required for higher level health

     Of all the individuals I have worked with in my transformational healing practice who had depression, anxiety, fatigue, pain issues, autoimmune disease, infertility, or any physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual issue that kept them stuck and diminished their quality of life…the ones who transformed their life and their health had three qualities in common.


     The people who transformed all had a willingness to consider a different way of viewing their issues.  A willingness to try on a new perspective.  And a willingness to do the “homework” that I suggested and continue working on their issues in between appointments.    


     These individuals all possessed courage.  Transforming your life and your health is not an easy process.  There are natural ups and downs inherent to the process of healing that can be discouraging.  You may lose your faith and fall into self-doubt.  But if you have courage, you will find your way back to your path in life. 

A Belief in the Divine

     Most of all, the people who have transformed and found peace and joy have each had a spiritual orientation.  They believed in a higher power, in God, or in a divine presence that exists in the universe that can be found in nature and within everyone if you look closely enough.  It is this belief that becomes their lifeline through the transformational process.    

Interview with author Helaine Z Harris


     I am thrilled to be interviewing Helaine Z Harris, LMFT today, author of the award-winning book "Are You in Love with a Vampire?  Healing the Relationship Drain Game."   Helaine, can you share a little about yourself and the work you do?

     I am a Psychotherapist, intuitive business coach and Shamanic healer with 35 years of experience. I am the founder of An Awakening Center™, which blends over 45 traditional and alternative modalities to assist clients in healing relationship issues, anxiety, depression, trauma and increasing their sense of power while fulfilling their life’s dream. Additionally, I focus on assisting clients to magnetize love, abundance and vibrationally matched clients, as well as perfect job or business opportunities to them.

     What was the process that prompted you to write “Are You in Love with a Vampire?”

     While working with a Shaman years ago, he told me I was dating a sexual vampire. Since I was emotionally unable to leave the relationship, I did deep inner work to heal my dysfunctional relationship pattern. After discovering that every man I was in a long-term relationship with was an energy vampire of one type or another, I explored the origin of this pattern. This all went back to my raging mother, who was so wounded and empty, that she continually pulled energy from me. Consequently, I found the greater the pull of the energy, the more it felt like love.

     From my many explorations and healing experiences, I discovered what it takes to heal this Vampire Relationship Pattern. I could not find any material on dealing with this kind of relationship. So I wrote a book on it because I needed it and so did many of my clients have similar issues. Since then, it became my mission to assist others with these relationship problems.


     How do you define a relationship vampire?


     An energy vampire is any person who drains or steals another person's energy or life force in some form in order to fill their own emptiness.  In this dynamic, the energy exchange is not reciprocal in intimate or familial relationships, friendships, or even work connections. They can steal your energy, time, money, or sense of power, although it usually is unconscious. The vampire is attempting to feed itself and fill its emptiness and/or to gain power.

     The root of this pattern goes back to the parent-child relationship and is multi-generational. Many people have a predisposition to becoming involved in vampiring relationships because of the dynamics in their family of origin. The pattern may have been expressed in the dynamic with one or both parents since birth, establishing this pattern as a model for love   It often begins with a parent who has little energy themselves from illness, drugs, alcohol addiction or working too much. So they pull on their child’s energy, telling themselves that they just love their child.

     Instead of assisting their children to mature and learn how to be independent, they make certain that in some way their children are unable to take care of themselves. They’re not taught about handling money, getting a career, goals, or in any way how to be successful. The purpose, unconsciously, is to keep their children needing them and unable to be independent. This is what I call the Vampire Relationship Pattern, or VRP for short.

     What is the difference between healthy love and vampire love?

     A healthy, alive loving relationship usually requires a shared vision and is based on partnership and co-creation. It means letting go of fantasy and recognizing both you and your partner are here to grow. I believe it requires us to see every potential issue or problem as a chance to explore, get to know each other more fully and grow, emotionally as well as spiritually. It takes courage to recognize our issues and imperfections and be vulnerable with our intimate partner, but that is what takes a relationship into the depths that survives time.

     The biggest difference between vampire love and healthy love is that the energy exchange in healthy relationships is more equal over time. That does not mean if you drive three times this week, your partner does the same. It means that you both put in 100% into the relationship, yet you may have different strengths and do different things for the family. We take care of our own needs and don't expect our partners to do that for us. We do not vampire ourselves or our partners. We honor ourselves by not abandoning or betraying ourselves. We also honor our partner. We focus on being there for each other as well as ourselves.

     In the book you talk about healing occurring in stages.  What are the most important stages in healing a vampire relationship?

     There are 11 stages to healing this pattern. The first 3 stages are generally done in order but some may occur simultaneously. Other stages you may revisit several times in your healing process.  Learning how to fill yourself from the inside is the KEY. I find opening to Spirit (or whatever word you use) to fill you with love, light and healing energy is what fills the emptiness inside and continually replenishes your energy. You are able to magnetize more people, health and business to you that resonate at a higher frequency. You begin to have friendships that function in a healthier manner that actually energize you instead of draining you. Life becomes much more pleasant, loving, fulfilling and JOYFULL!

Helaine Z. Harris, LMFT is a marriage and family therapist, intuitive healer, business coach, lecturer specializing in anxiety/depression, trauma, empowerment, relationships, developing creativity.  She loves training therapists and healers in her methods and modalities and has recently been focusing on prosperity, developing intuition, financial freedom and business intuition. She also does classes and workshops on the VRP pattern, the Journey of Love and Healing Heart Wounds. Her website is and email You can contact her by phone at 818-782-6869 or 800-308-4372.

The Collective Consciousness and Starlings

     A flock of Starlings have been hanging out in the trees in my neighborhood for weeks -- flying over me while I meditate in the hammock, or swim in the neighborhood pool.  Their presence has reminded me of an experience I had many years ago with a baby Starling who fell from his nest.  Advice from a wildlife rescuer helped me raise him from a helpless featherless chick to a mature bird, and transition him to the woods behind our house.  When he was old enough, he would roost in the trees at the edge of the woods at night and come peck at the sliding glass door in the morning when he was hungry. 

     And then one day he was gone. 

     I called out to him for days, but he did not answer.  As his surrogate mother, I worried that he had fallen prey to some predator and I assumed the worst.

     A year later, weeks before we were scheduled to move, a Starling showed up at the back door and began pecking at the glass. When I opened the door, he studied me for a moment, and then flew away.  I have no doubt that this was "my" Starling, coming back to assure me he was OK, before I moved.  

     I believe the baby Starling fell into my life all those years ago to teach me to trust and let go.  This current big flock of Starlings may be here to remind me to be in sync with life.  Starlings form huge flocks in Europe, moving fluidly through the sky and creating spectacular formations.  This is a wonderful example of  collective consciousness.  The birds are able to fly in sync with each other because they are in constant communication through a principle of physics called wave resonance.  Humans can also experience being in sync with all of life through the collective consciousness, our oneness with the universal energy field, which is thought to contain the collective psyche, intelligence, and wisdom of humanity. Intuition happens when we become aware of our oneness to the information field.  I use this awareness in my daily work as an energy healing therapist and through my writing.  

     If you are feeling disconnected, take a deep breath, let go of fear, angst, worry, doubt, and be like the Starlings -- one with everything and everyone. 

Claiming your value

When I received notice of a book award last week, I was able to fully take it in and celebrate this validation with gratitude.  However, when I received notice of a second award for finalist in the Body, Mind, Spirit category in the National Indie Excellence Book Awards, I had a little more difficulty.  It felt like getting two awards meant I was taking more than my "share," as if there is a limit!  This was a passing thought that I observed with compassion as I released any resistance and invalidating tendencies as I fully accepted myself and the book award.

Since then, several of my clients have shared their issues surrounding their value.  Either they invalidate validating compliments they receive, or have been struggling to maintain their sense of value in the face of devaluing projections from others.  Both situations require claiming our value.  

If you are having difficulty feeling your value, make a list of all the qualities you value in yourself and that others have shared that they find valuable in you.  Meditate on each value while deep breathing, imagining that you are taking in and connecting to this value within you.  Write these values on cards and place them around your environment where you can see the words frequently. 

     "Even though I may have been devalued by others at some point in my life, and used that experience as a model for devaluing myself, I love and accept myself, and now choose to fully value and nurture myself ."   From Chapter 14 The Other Medicine...That Really Works: How Energy Medicine Can Help You Heal in Body, Mind, and Spirit.

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